Terms and Conditions


The following terms are capitalized in this agreement. These terms are understood to mean:

Event Organizer: IJV-IFAS vzw as the organizer of an Event and the seller of Tickets to access it.

Event: organized event, including but not limited to performances of an artistic and/or sporting nature, theater, stage or music performances, concerts and/or other gatherings. Including also B2B events, shows, seminars or meetings.

User: natural person or legal entity who in any way uses the platform of the Event Organizer within the context of the Event organized by him.

IJV-IFAS vzw with company number BE 0406 634 094 and having its registered office at Familie Van Rysselberghedreef 2 bus 6 in 9000 Gent.

Store: the EventSquare platform which allows the User to order and/or book Tickets from IJV-IFAS vzw.

Ticket: admission ticket for the Event organized by the Event Organizer.

Terms and Conditions: the conditions for the use of the platform; Intellectual Property Rights: all rights to intellectual property and related rights such as copyright, trademark, patent, design, trade name, database and related rights, as well as know-how rights and single-line performance rights. These can be found in the appendix to this General Agreement.

Location: The place(s) where the Event is held.


Terms and Conditions

Store & tickets

The use of the platform allows the User, according to the availability of articles and the restrictions determined by IJV-IFAS vzw, to book one or more Ticket(s) for the Events provided in the Store and to receive them.

The platform that makes it possible to purchase a Ticket from an Event Organizer only provides the ordering process of the Tickets. The agreement to buy the Tickets is indeed concluded between the User and IJV-IFAS vzw.

The Store allows the User to book one or more Ticket(s) up to the date set by the Event Organizer, or until the available quantity is exhausted.

Unless explicit contradictory notification, the booking of Ticket(s) implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the User.

IJV-IFAS vzw does not accept any liability with regard to errors in the ordering of Tickets, for example with regard to the number of Tickets and/or the type of Event. It is not possible to cancel or to exchange Tickets at IJV-IFAS vzw.

IJV-IFAS vzw does not guarantee that the Store will be accessible at all times and without any interruptions or disruptions. Malfunctions can occur due to, but not exclusively, malfunctions in the internet or telephone connection or due to viruses or errors/defects. IJV-IFAS vzw is in no way responsible or liable to pay damages towards the User.

IJV-IFAS vzw is entitled, without prior notification and without becoming liable to pay damages to the User, to (temporarily) decommission the Store and/or to limit its use if this is necessary in its opinion, for example within the context of the reasonably required maintenance of the Store.

IJV-IFAS vzw is entitled, without prior notice, to make procedural and technical changes and/or improvements to the Store.

The information about Tickets and Events, including information about the availability of Tickets as well as the dates, changes and cancellations of Events, is provided by IJV-IFAS vzw.
At the latest within 7 working days after receipt of the payment, the User will receive the tickets via a link sent by E-mail. The User is expected to print these tickets on white paper and to keep them carefully. He must present them on request at the Event.

Electronic communication is supposed to be received within 7 working days after sending, unless proven otherwise by the recipient. If the communication has not been received as a result of delivery and/or accessibility problems with regard to the User’s e-mail box, this is at the risk of the User, even if the e-mail box is hosted by a third party.

If the Tickets are not received by the User within 7 working days after ordering, the User must contact IJV-IFAS vzw in writing (by letter or e-mail). After expiration of the aforementioned period, IJV-IFAS vzw assumes that the User has received the Tickets in good order.



The Store accepts various payment methods. The availability of the payment method may differ according to Event and time of the day.

The User is, in any case, responsible for the execution of the payment and the data associated with it.

The User pays for the Ticket the prices determined by the Event Organizer as they are mentioned in the Store. Processing costs are charged for the use of the Store, which can be charged on top of the price set for a Ticket by IJV-IFAS vzw.

Processing costs may vary according to the manner and the moment of purchase. All costs are displayed when ordering. No other costs are charged than the costs displayed.

The amount mentioned in the Store on the final invoice includes all duties and taxes. The User must transfer this amount to the organization via the options offered during the ordering process. When the payment is made via a direct payment method (examples are Visa, Mastercard, …), the User authorizes IJV-IFAS vzw or its Partner(s) to execute this payment and to transfer it to IJV-IFAS vzw

Prices in the Store include VAT unless stated otherwise. The prices mentioned are subject to change without prior notice. The price mentioned in the order procedure is binding.

IJV-IFAS vzw aims to prevent all possible forms of scam, deceit and fraud, as well as to avoid any discrimination related to the access to and use of the Store. Taking this into account, IJV-IFAS vzw and EventSquare decline any responsibility if the User does not make the payment, or if the User submits incorrect data when booking one or more Ticket(s).



Only the holder of the Ticket who first shows the Ticket at the start of the event will be granted access.

IJV-IFAS vzw can never be held responsible for any damage resulting from death, injury, accidents, physical harm, loss, damage or theft caused by the User, prior to, during or as a result of a visit to the Event or the Location.

IJV-IFAS vzw, the Location Holder, the security staff and/or the police are entitled to search the User prior to the Event for possession of unauthorized objects, and to confiscate them after permission was granted or if there is any suspicion. If the requested permission is not granted, IJV-IFAS vzw, the security staff and/or the police have the right to refuse access to the person concerned. Confiscated items will be returned to the owner after the Event as far as possible, unless these are legally prohibited items.

IJV-IFAS vzw and the Location Holder reserve the right at all times to deny visitors access to the Location and the event, on the basis of internal regulations.

IJV-IFAS vzw and the Location Holder reserve the right at all times to make video and/or sound recordings of the Event or to have them made. The User declares that he is aware of this and agrees with it, and he now already waives the right to object to the use of his portrait/likeness within the context of the publication and reproduction of the recordings named.


Right of renunciation

The right of renunciation does not apply as the service, c.q. the booking of the tickets, is carried out immediately.


Termination, dissolution and cancellation

There is no possibility for premature termination of the agreement to use the Store.

If and insofar as the Event is cancelled by IJV-IFAS vzw or by the Location Holder, IJV-IFAS vzw will never reimburse the User more than the ticket price, insofar as this ticket has been demonstrably paid to IJV-IFAS vzw via the store. The Processing cost as well as possible additional costs paid by the User for the services of the store will not be reimbursed. In such event, IJV-IFAS vzw never accepts liability for direct or indirect costs and/or expenses and/or any other damage that the User may have had to suffer.

IJV-IFAS vzw can unilaterally opt to convert the tickets of a cancellation or suspension into vouchers for a next event, depending on availability.

IJV-IFAS vzw reminds the User that the Store relates to leisure activities and that the right of renunciation/withdrawal does not apply.

In the event of dissolution, the services provided by the Store before dissolution and the related payment obligations will not be subject to cancellation.

Without prejudice to what is stipulated elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, IJV-IFAS vzw has the right, without the intervention of a court and without being liable to pay damages to the User, to immediately dissolve the agreement to use the Store and to cancel the booked Tickets if the User does not comply with his payment obligations or if, in the opinion of IJV-IFAS vzw, the User has committed fraud, if the User has provided false payment details, withdraws a payment or if IJV-IFAS vzw detects irregularities in any other way.


Information provided and privacy

While using the Store, the User will provide (personal) data to IJV-IFAS vzw and its partners. These (personal) data will be stored and processed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and will not be provided to third parties without prior consent, unless IJV-IFAS vzw is legally obliged to do so, or to defend its rights. See Privacy Policy.

If the User gives explicit permission for this, this data will be used for commercial purposes, including processing for direct marketing purposes. These processing operations may also be carried out by third parties. The User has the right to object to the processing for commercial and direct marketing purposes. At the first request of the User, IJV-IFAS vzw will immediately terminate this type of processing.



The User indemnifies IJV-IFAS vzw against claims from third parties based on the statement that the activities performed by the User by using the Store are in any way unlawful.

IJV-IFAS vzw does not accept any liability for damage resulting from the provision of the Store or from an unlawful act or otherwise, insofar as this is permitted by mandatory law.

Insofar as, despite the provisions of the previous article, IJV-IFAS vzw is liable for damages as referred to in the previous article, the amount of the compensation will be limited to the Processing Costs charged for the use of the Store.

The User indemnifies IJV-IFAS vzw against all claims from third parties, for whatever reason, with regard to compensation for damage, costs or interest, related to or arising from his irregular use of the Store and/or a violation of these Terms and Conditions and/or any other rights of third parties.

However, this restriction of the liability of IJV-IFAS vzw does not intend to exclude the liability of IJV-IFAS vzw for intent and/or willful recklessness of IJV-IFAS vzw (“own actions”) itself and/or its managing employees.

If and insofar as IJV-IFAS vzw cannot fully or partially fulfill its obligations towards the User due to force majeure, the User cannot derive from this any right to compensation.

Force majeure is understood to include: war, danger of war and riots, obstructive measures by both domestic or foreign governments, death of one or more members of the Royal House or the governments, serious calamities, fire, pandemic, diseases & epidemics, strikes, failure of and damage to equipment and equipment of operating systems, obstruction/strike of transport, flooding, lockouts and sabotage and in general all unforeseen circumstances both at home and abroad, as a result of which compliance with the Terms and Conditions can no longer reasonably be required from IJV-IFAS vzw.

IJV-IFAS vzw does not accept any liability for loss or damage of Tickets by the User due to whatever cause. From the moment the admission ticket is made available to the User, the User bears the risk of loss, theft, damage or misuse of the Ticket.

IJV-IFAS vzw does not accept any liability for the purchase and delivery of Tickets which do not come from IJV-IFAS vzw. IJV-IFAS vzw also accepts no liability whatsoever for Terms and Conditions which, whether or not at the request of the User, are not fully settled by EventSquare and in which a third party, such as a cash desk at the Location, is directly or indirectly involved. Insofar as the liability of IJV-IFAS vzw is excluded or limited, this also applies to the liability of the employees and/or vicarious agents of IJV-IFAS vzw.


Applicable Law and Powers

The User accepts that further conditions from IJV-IFAS vzw may apply to the use of Tickets as well as to the access to Events.

Should any of the Terms and Conditions prove to be invalid or partially unenforceable, then the remaining General Terms and Conditions will not be affected by this and will retain their full effect minus the disputed clauses, insofar as this is possible.

In the event of a dispute, only the Commercial Court in Ghent, Belgium has jurisdiction, with a procedure in the Dutch language, and only Belgian law is applicable.

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