The tranquil beauty
of unique classic cars…

The vintage car collection of the Belgian Mahy family is world-famous. These days, the collection consists of 1100 cars (from 1895 onwards) and is one of the most complete collections of car history in the world.

A part of the collection (approx. 400 cars) can be seen in two musea in Belgium. But… most of the collection (called ‘The Reserve’) is safely stored away in large hangars that are not open to the public. Unique specimens, whose very existence is sometimes no longer suspected. The cars are unrestored and the ambience is unique, almost cerebral. Those who love faded splendour and the beauty of nostalgia fall silent at the sight.

The Expo and a superb photo book both give a glimpse of a never-seen part of the collection. The pictures and a selection of the most beautiful specimens from this ‘legendary’ collection of vintage cars, together with their unique stories, bring the legend back to life in a museum-like setup.

The photographs and a unique selection of cars come together in a temporary museum display. Explore the Mahy collection in a unique way….

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